Water Conservation &
Irrigation Efficiency

Water—it’s far too valuable to waste. And with the demand for fresh water having doubled over the past 50 years, we need to be smarter and more careful about how we use our water.

Commercial water irrigation system spraying water over grassThe good news is that it doesn’t take a huge investment to conserve water through irrigation efficiency. Utilizing the expertise of EMCOR Facilities Services (EFS) specialists, you can achieve a dramatic reduction in water consumption without breaking the bank.

The average irrigation system is only about 50-percent efficient. An EFS irrigation-efficiency program can increase that number to almost 85 percent.

Nozzle Retrofits

We offer nozzle-retrofitting services that allow you to use existing spray heads to apply water with greater uniformity. Our nozzles minimize over-spray outside of the landscape and cover areas from four to thirty feet.

A nozzle retrofit is an extremely affordable way to conserve water and results in a big return on your investment. Often, retrofits allow for 33-percent less water being consumed than with traditional spray nozzles.

Helping irrigation systems achieve 85-percent water efficiency.

Weather Controller

EFS professionals tap into weather stations that monitor the elements at customer sites 24/7/365, and calculate moisture lost from plants based on temperature, wind conditions, humidity, precipitation, and solar exposure. EFS utilizes small, mountable, self-contained fixtures that gather weather data for evapotranspiration (ET) calculations in the controller. EFS professionals use wireless technology and adjustable rain gauges to ensure all “free” precipitation is captured.

Integrated Flow Sensor

With special flow sensors, EFS can detect and measure the water movement in irrigation systems. Sensors make it easy to catch (and alert customers to) a broken head, pipe, or stuck valve—all of which waste staggering amounts of water.

Water Conservation & Irrigation Case Study

A national pharmacy retailer with over 7,700 locations needed to improve their existing irrigation systems. Their goal was to reduce water usage enough to realize a noticeable cost savings.

EFS implemented a comprehensive water-efficiency program at 180+ sites, incorporating several innovative solutions. EFS installed controllers that adjusted based on weather conditions at each site. New sensors alerted the customer to problems in real time, and new nozzles with highly uniform, multi-stream rotating technology helped to ensure ultra-efficiency.

In the end, the customer saved over 30 percent on water cost versus the prior year.