Customer Solutions Centers


EMCOR’s 24/7/365 Customer Solutions Centers (CSC) are state-of-the-art operations centers that unite technology, integrated work order management, and facilities expertise, and serve as the nerve center for clients across the country—call center locations are in Norristown, PA and Phoenix, AZ.

Our solution centers support:

  • 200,000+ facilities
  • 1 billion+ square feet of facility space
  • 1 million+ work orders processed annually

Our call center operators—yes, you’re guaranteed to talk with a live customer service representative, and not just a recording—are constantly ready and available to serve our clients.

Equipped with a comprehensive database that provides real-time diagnostic information, EMCOR’s CSCs have a limitless variety of smart solutions to avoid and resolve virtually any facility issue that arises.

Using best-in-class practices and technology, EMCOR’s CSCs will improve your facility’s operations and protect your bottom line.

Our people

  • Over 6,000 mobile technicians across the United States
  • Over 400 customer service representatives
  • Over 11,000 qualified vendors

Our technology

  • Remote monitoring system
  • Integrated workplace components
  • Dashboard for easy access to key information
  • Integrated financial reporting
  • Measurements through key performance indicators (KPIs)

Facilities management…simplified

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