Safety and Quality

EME_SQP_HandsPoster_11x17_190207.jpgEMCOR Facilities Services (EFS), and its employees, hold safety above all else. Safety is a core value of our business plan, and is not simply a priority.

Priorities change, while core values are engrained into our company and are the pillars of which the company culture is built upon.

At EFS safety is one of these pillars.

This core value has helped to create a culture in which safety thrives.

A safe company does not just happen it takes hard work and determination. EFS has put a great deal of work into creating a culture where safety is at the core.

EFS has adopted and adheres to the EMCOR Zero Injury Performance Plan which outlines 9 requirements for reducing injuries to zero during each year. These requirements are:

  • Management Commitment
  • Staffing for Safety
  • Planning for Safety
  • Safety Education
  • Worker Participation and Involvement
  • Recognition and Reward
  • Subcontractor Management
  • Accident and Incident Investigation
  • Drug and Alcohol Testing

While we are committed to the philosophy that field management is directly responsible and accountable for effective safety performance, this is a shared responsibility. 

We expect our employees to speak up for safety and make supervision aware of any unsafe condition. Along with that, EFS’s executive team is fully committed to creating a safe work environment for all our employees.

The goal is zero injuries, and EFS will never waiver from that goal. Employees are encouraged to stand up for safety whenever they feel a situation is hazardous or unsafe, and all employees, no matter their position, have the ability to stop work in those conditions.

It is always a difficult choice for an employee to stop work, for fear of retaliation. EFS has created a culture of trust, so if an employee brings up an issue they are acknowledged by a positive write up called “Stand Up for Safety.”

EFS constantly reviews its safety programs and policies and updates practices to be on the leading edge of change. In order to facilitate these changes, EFS employs a safety committee made up of a diverse group of lead foremen. The purpose of the committee is to help create policies that are safer, easy to implement by the field, and standardized throughout EFS.

EFS’s employees are the life blood of the company, and they are the reason we have a culture that is so engrained with safety. EFS works with and for its employees to insure they go home safe at the end of every day.