Snow & Ice Management

The weather changes quickly, and you need to be prepared.

USM_Snow.jpgMost companies realize that the weather does what it wants…when it wants. So having a strategic, proactive approach to snow and ice management is essential to operating efficiently.

EMCOR Facilities Services (EFS) operates from one coast to the other and is equipped to handle any commercial snow and ice removal job that arises.

Prompt and reliable, the EFS team makes sure that even the things you can’t plan for won’t slow you down.

Our complete commercial snow removal services include:

  • Snow Plowing
  • Snow Shoveling
  • Snow Hauling
  • Ice Removal & Management

We leverage our network for savings.

At EFS, we know that saving time and money are two of the most important things we can offer.

We can self-perform in some parts of the country, and in areas where that’s not an option or for certain types of portfolios, we can leverage our buying power and nationwide network of vendors to offer serious cost savings.

Unmatched Snow & Ice Management Knowledge

Snow doesn’t just fall from the sky, land on the ground, and melt away come summer; it behaves in a particular way—a particularly unique way.

EFS professionals have studied the mechanics of snow behavior— how it melts, the consequences of freezing, and the affect that moving and removing snow and ice has on waterways roadways, parking lots, and other infrastructure—and can make decisions on how to effectively, safely, and conscientiously move snow and ice.

We offer incentives for early season contracts!

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Solutions that are truly customized.

Every site EFS works in is different, which is why every snow and ice management program needs to be tailored as such. We customize every plan after we’ve walked your site, learned about your pain points, and established a partnership.

We then offer flexible pricing options so you can choose whatever works best for your business.

  • Event Pricing
  • Push Pricing
  • Fixed Seasonal Rate

During a typical U.S. snow season, EFS provides 300,000 snow services to nearly  6,000 properties, managing 900,000+ service calls through our centralized service center.

Snow & Ice Vendor Management

For our supplier-managed solutions, EFS handles all snow and ice service crews. We manage all licensed vendor and equipment selections, scheduling, dispatching, and work orders.

Eco-friendly Snow Removal Solutions

We offer a variety of environmentally friendly, less corrosive de-icers, chemicals, and materials.

Give us a call today to see how EFS can design a snow and ice-management solution that works for you.