General Maintenance / Handyman Services

EMCOR Facilities Services has a network of 500+ handyman/general maintenance technicians available to handle a variety of miscellaneous services. Truck based technicians self-perform both scheduled general maintenance services and on demand, common repair work for clients.

The core competencies of our handymen include:

  • Handyman/general maintenance services
  • HVAC maintenance and service
  • Electrical maintenance and service
  • Lighting maintenance and repairs
  • Plumbing and service
  • Carpentry, painting, and cosmetic repairs
  • Asset inspections (“eyes and ears” for the client)

Self Performance Drives Cost and Efficiency Savings

Using a customer-first, high-performance model that relies on self-performing 75-80% of the work orders included in a typical handyman scope, EMCOR Facilities Services drives continuous efficiency and savings.

Benefits include:

  • Utilizing the same workforce at each client location, allowing technicians to specialize in the unique needs of client locations.
  • Decreased mobilization costs: We use a shared-technician staffing structure that reduces costs.
  • Quick completion of work requests—to minimize the number of requests that are re-routed to other service providers.
  • Ability to multi-craft the work: Our technicians are highly skilled and can complete mechanical, electrical, and plumbing repairs, which allows us to avoid the cost of high-priced specialty suppliers.
  • Building strong client/supplier relationships: Our operations structure includes regional Operation Managers and Supervisors, and a team of Quality Assurance inspectors who focus on constant client satisfaction.
  • Rapid Response: Because we have a high concentration of handymen in close proximity to most client locations, we can often respond to emergencies quickly.
  • Handheld Technology: Across our handyman technician base, we have rolled out a handheld/ tablet program, creating a paperless work management system powered through the CSC’s simple web-based submittal system, EMCORVia( Technicians use these devices to send and receive work orders, capture labor, parts, work order completion data, and access job plans.