General Maintenance

Technician using a drill providing maintenance servicesEMCOR Facilities Services (EFS) is connected to an extensive network of general maintenance technicians available to handle a variety of miscellaneous services.

Truck-based technicians self-perform both scheduled general maintenance services and on-demand, common repair work for clients.

Our services include:

  • General Maintenance Services
  • HVAC Maintenance and Service
  • Electrical Maintenance and Service
  • Lighting Maintenance and Repairs
  • Plumbing and Service
  • Exterior Repairs
  • Carpentry, Painting, and Cosmetic Repairs
  • Signage and Display Updates
  • Flooring, Doors, and Window Repairs
  • Asset Inspections

Self-performed service from a network of 450+ general maintenance technicians.

Self Performance Drives Cost and Efficiency Savings

EFS has the capacity to self-perform the vast majority of work orders and technical applications included in a typical handyman scope. Our customer-first, high-performance model drives continuous efficiency and savings.

Benefits include:

  • Consistent workforce familiar with location needs
  • Shared-technician staffing decreases mobilization costs
  • Quick completion of work requests and rapid response
  • Technicians with multi-craft expertise
  • Strong client/supplier relationships
  • Regional Operation Managers, Supervisors, and Quality Assurance inspectors
  • Rapid and emergency response
  • Handheld technology and paperless, web-based work management system
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Service Sheet

General Maintenance Case Study

A banking client that EFS was already providing HVAC and exterior services for needed a single provider that could conduct general repair and maintenance services for 1,100 of their bank branch locations and seven corporate offices. Their previous approach was decentralized, used many different service providers, and was costing them exorbitantly.

EFS established a general maintenance agreement and now self-performs 90 percent of their locations across a portfolio that covers 11 states.

EFS receives all of the client’s incoming service requests through a dedicated Call Center that operates 24/7/365. We perform 20,400 services annually—at a fixed cost per service—and have consistently come in under budget. EFS has partnered with the client to both create and control their budget with fixed costs and has saved them approximately $2.5 million annually compared to their previous spend.

Operationally and financially, the client is so pleased with our service that they have asked EFS to perform additional work. As a result, EFS is currently piloting both a roofing program and an LED lighting program.