Water Conservation & Irrigation Efficiency

water-conservation-irrigation1.jpgWater—it’s far too valuable to waste. And with the demand for fresh water having doubled over the past 50 years, we need to be smarter and more careful about how we use our water.

We need to be more aware of just how our water usage can affect a company’s image and bottom line. That’s where EMCOR Facilities Services (EFS) comes in.

The good news is that it doesn’t take a huge investment to conserve water through irrigation efficiency.

Utilizing the expertise of EFS specialists, you can achieve a dramatic reduction in water consumption without breaking the bank.

EFS can help you achieve 85% efficiency.

The average irrigation system is only about 50% efficient. EFS can make you better than average. An EFS irrigation efficiency program can increase that number to almost 85%. Adjustments due to weather can easily save another 15% on water.

Nozzle Retrofits

We offer nozzle-retrofitting services that allow you to use existing spray heads to apply water with greater uniformity. This also allows for 33% less water being consumed than with traditional spray nozzles.

  • Minimize over-spray outside of the landscape
  • Most affordable
  • Biggest return
  • Covers areas from four to thirty feet

Weather Controller

EFS experts can adjust your watering frequency to match the current weather and resist the “distortion of uniformity” that comes from wind. We can also ensure matching precipitation rates in each of your hydrozones, and tap into weather stations that monitor the elements at your sites 24/7/365.

Integrated Flow Sensor

We utilize small, mountable, self-contained fixtures that gather weather data for ET (evapotranspiration) calculation in the irrigation controllers. Using wireless technology and adjustable rain gauges, we even ensure all the “free” precipitation is captured. Our integrated flow sensors:

  • detect and measure water movement
  • allow for easy detection of broken heads, pipes, or valves
  • reduce water waste

Call us today to see how EFS’s water conservation and irrigation services can save you money.