Sustainable Solutions

LEED Certification, Building Compliance & Renewable Energy Management

Sustainable_use.jpgAt EMCOR Facilities Services (EFS), being green is a company-wide initiative. We always seek to use the most environmentally responsible equipment, processes, and products in everything we do.

Greener buildings

EFS can help you maximize operational and cost efficiencies using the “LEED for Existing Buildings” certification as a guideline.

Among the items we look at:

  • Landscape management plan
  • Indoor plumbing fitting and fixture efficiency
  • Water efficient landscaping
  • Refrigerant management
  • Sustainable purchasing policy

Greener equipment

There are often environmentally friendly ways of installing, maintaining, and servicing equipment that allow for reduced noise pollution and air contaminants. Whether it’s by using high-efficiency lighting or energy-efficient HVAC systems, EFS looks to use equipment and methods that have as little impact on the environment as possible.

Greener products

Partnering with responsible product suppliers is one of the ways we continue to provide innovative sustainable solutions. From using chem-free cleaners and sustainable de-icers to being able to offer more environmentally friendly refrigerants, we stay informed about the best products available in the market.

Greener processes

We’re committed to greener processes. Whether it’s by installing energy-efficient systems and using green-certified chemicals, or simply by recycling, EFS is always looking for newer, better ways to favorably impact the environment. Some of our efficiency processes include:

  • Sustainable operations plans
  • Procurement of sustainable products and equipment
  • Hybrid vehicles across part of our mobile workforce
  • GPS monitoring and route optimization for mobile workforce
  • Measuring results, monitoring service delivery and environmental compliance
  • Conducting thorough energy audits of your facilities

For ways to see how being green can save you money while making your facility more environmentally friendly, give us a call today.