Specialty Clothing Retailer



This client needed to optimize a wood floor care program that delivers:

  • Proper life cycle protection to their expensive and brand reflective asset: wood floors
  • Standard but dynamic SOWs to cover a geographically diverse portfolio of sites
  • Greater visibility to asset types and conditions


EFS partnered with this client to provide them with:

  • Improved appearance and protection of flooring by reallocating services to high-traffic street locations.
  • Updated and standardized frequency templates reallocated based on geographic needs and spread out across the year for maximum benefit.
  • Updated asset register templates with flooring type and condition assessments.


While wood floors in specialty apparel chains are an important brand attribute, they are also an expensive asset to maintain. We were able to enhance the client's brand image and better protect their assets by:

  • Reallocating floor care frequencies from lower-volume stores to higher-volume street locations in bad-weather markets within their existing budget.
  • Spreading out service frequencies across the year to ensure higher completion of services.
  • Using our field team to validate flooring information by type, square footage, and condition. The asset data updated the client’s asset registers and helped create their Capex strategies.

Leveraging specialized expertise in wood floor care and field resources, we were able to achieve the client's objectives of improved appearance and asset protection; standard but flexible SOWs; and improved visibility into their portfolio’s assets and conditions.


Our client is a specialty retail clothing chain operating over 3,000 sites across the US, offering clothing, accessories, and personal care products for men, women, and children. The client's geographically diverse locations add to the complexity of maintaining their assets.