Pharmacy Retailer
Water Conservation & Irrigation Efficiency Program REGIONAL LOCATIONS



For this project, the client was interested in reducing water consumption, improving their carbon footprint, and achieving overall cost savings.


We installed and implemented a water conservation program that exceeded the client’s operational, financial, and environmental objectives. This included results such as:

  • 20% water consumption savings achieved*
  • 5,000,000 gallons of water saved*
  • 23% cost savings achieved on water bills*
  • ROI achieved in 12-24 months*


We designed and implemented a program for retrofitting the existing irrigation systems at nearly 200 locations. The program included:

  • Spray nozzles with uniform, ultra-efficient, multi-stream rotating technology
  • Controllers that adjust the system to site level weather conditions
  • Sensors that alert the client to potential problems/repairs in real-time
  • Rebate administration, where applicable

The retrofitted system now applies water uniformly, even under windy circumstances, and makes water adjustments to match current weather conditions. The unique system also detects anomalies, such as broken heads or stuck valves, and provides alerts so we can quickly fix the issue. This solution eliminates run-off and minimizes the amount of water sprayed outside of the target area. The overall result of this project was 20% water savings, exceeding the client’s initial objectives.


The client is a national pharmacy retailer with over 7,700 locations. They provide innovative pharmacy, health, and wellness solutions, as well as consumer goods and services, across America.

*Actual results can vary based on climatic and other conditions