Gas Station Retailer
Regional External Services Program Multiple Cities/States



This large, regional client was looking to obtain a comprehensive, centrally managed landscaping program while building a consistent brand image across its portfolio. The client also wanted to make expenditures more transparent for easier tracking and management.


We had been providing this client with a comprehensive exterior-services solution for more than three years. Along with our experienced and pre-approved vendor base, we designed—and now deliver—a centrally managed, technologically enhanced exterior-services program across 345 dispersed locations.

Overseen by a dedicated account management team and aided by on-staff subject matter experts, the program helps control expenses by standardizing landscaping activities, schedules, and pricing. Other key program components include: irrigation system maintenance and repair, spring/fall cleanups, and turf maintenance. Snow removal is handled proactively, 24/7, through our Solutions Centers.

In addition to maintaining their brand, and giving each property a consistent look and feel, the program also protects the client’s image by incorporating routine property inspections to identify potential issues that arise.


Our centrally managed program offers significant client benefits. For example, instead of each site calling its own landscaping contractors, we service all client sites in each market using pre-approved regional vendors that offer expert service at optimum prices. This enables the client to maintain its portfolio of properties with fewer vendors.

Centralized management offers additional benefits, too. Receiving one single invoice instead of multiple invoices from many vendors lowers accounting and processing costs. Additionally, with one vendor, costs are more transparent, making it easier for the client to track and manage what is being spent across the portfolio.


Headquartered in eastern Pennsylvania, this client is a leading retail fuel provider with approximately 4,900 outlets in 23 states stretching from Maine to Florida and west to Indiana. In addition, the client operates roughly 345 company-owned convenience stores.