Retail Distribution Centers



This particular client was looking to centralize exterior services for their distribution centers. This included providing the following:

  • Service and support for exterior services to business-critical locations
  • Cost reduction
  • Central communications for exterior services to 35+ million square feet of exterior distribution center space
  • Standard but dynamic SOWs to cover unique requirements and varying climatic zones


EFS delivered a centrally managed and technologically driven exterior services program for each of the distribution centers. This provided:

  • Peace of mind that there would be no disruption to their supply chain during snow events
  • 10% + expense reduction
  • A single point of contact for service delivery
  • Standard SOWs for landscaping, snow removal, and lot sweeping with geographic customization


Distribution centers are unique, mission-critical facilities where services like snow removal can directly impact the retailer’s supply chain and bottom line. EFS implemented a comprehensive exterior services program for the these distribution centers by:

  • Leveraging the supplier base to drive savings and improve reliability and service levels
  • Utilizing our Certified Snow Professionals and Landscape Architects to create standard SOWs with geographic customization to meet the distribution centers’ unique needs
  • Streamlining communication through a Key Account Manager as the single point of contact for preseason planning, service execution, and invoicing
  • Incorporating technology to customize site plans for pre/post season planning and review; and to confirm/validate real-time service delivery


The clients represented in this case study are two of the largest big-box retailers in the U.S., with more than 1.2 billion square feet of retail space.