Grote Industries
Facilities Maintenance and Preventive Maintenance Solution CINCINNATI, OH



At contract award, Grote Industries had virtually no cost tracking ability and a lack of accountability for their facility management services. A decentralized building management approach left them with no vendor coordination and no ability to leverage their purchasing power. As a result of their remote location, Grote was unable to attract best value facilities subcontractors and employee talent. They faced high turnover and low performance from their in-house staff, which was managed by the engineering department. The company sought strategic ways to improve facility management performance and service while reducing cost.


EMCOR Facilities Services (EFS) achieved significant savings by implementing a comprehensive Preventive Maintenance program that led to a major decrease in corrective facilities maintenance repairs and costs. Response time for emergency calls was greatly improved through the utilization of a cross-trained team of associates placed onsite, which also decreased costs and the need for subcontracted services. In addition, EFS stabilized the workforce, thereby reducing costs for training and turnover, while greatly improving employee performance.


EFS implemented a comprehensive facilities and preventive maintenance strategy for Grote that included a dedicated on-site facilities technician for prompt response to daily facilities maintenance needs. This facilities technician coordinated and managed critical subcontracted activities, which created further efficiencies. Through employee outreach—which included investing in the improvement of the overall appearance of employee common areas, and a focus on training and development—productivity and morale has been significantly enhanced. Grote is able to depend on a consistent, well-trained staff that delivers quality service and understands the intricacies of their facility, building operations, and processes.

Significant cost savings occurred through the deployment of a comprehensive Preventive Maintenance program and the implementation of continuous improvement processes. The costs for major facility repairs and reactive work have decreased as a result. Initiating a centralized facility management approach to purchasing, EFS created a Request for Proposal (RFP) process and provided their large subcontractor base to leverage improved service, capabilities, and price. A detailed scope of services was developed for procurement needs, and leveraged buying power has brought savings for purchases and major repairs.

The monthly steering committee process and routine data analysis allow Grote and their engineering team to monitor and measure service while dedicating the majority of their efforts to their core business. These processes for tracking and delivering continuous improvement have also delivered cost savings to the contract.


Grote is a world leader in vehicle safety systems, providing a wide range of components for original equipment manufacturers and the vehicle aftermarket. Their products are used as original equipment on semi-tractors and trailers, passenger cars, buses, industrial vehicles, recreational vehicles and agricultural machinery. A truly international company, Grote is headquartered in Madison, Indiana, with additional facilities in Toronto, Canada; Waterloo, Canada; and Monterrey, Mexico. More than 1,000 employees work in every phase of production, from design and engineering to manufacturing, testing, marketing and distribution.